The Mobius Strip of Consciousness

The mind has a dark side and a light side like a piece of paper with a dark side and a light side. When you see the light side of a piece of paper the dark side is hidden and vice versa. The two aspects of the mind have no explicit mutual awareness but each is the ground of the other. With the advent of the age of reflection the light side turns its attention to the dark side as a piece of paper with a light side and dark side can be configured into a Mobius strip by turning one end through 180 degrees and attaching it to the other. The paper now has one side instead of two. The light side and the dark side form an amalgam like two metals which have an affinity for each other. We then have a Mobius strip of consciousness. The light side can no longer journey through life like a child with an invisible friend but has become a siamese twin in a deadly embrace with its dark counterpart. Groundhog day has arrived and no matter how hard we try, we come back to the same spot instead of moving on.

As with the individual so it is with society. We go faster and faster but we are not going anywhere, just building bigger and bigger sandcastles. We can only rectify the situation by loving our dark side unconditionally and the connection will dissolve as the dark side resumes its proper place in the deoths of the ocean of consciousness.

Heaven couldn’t wait for you.

Heaven couldn’t wait for you.

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I’m looking for Mr Spock, have you seen him?

I’m looking for Mr Spock, have you seen him?

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"It was like he came along and whispered some dream in everybody’s ear, and somehow we all dreamed it." - Bruce Springsteen

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Presenting Lily Mars, 1943 (dir. Norman Taurog)

"As an imperfect actor on the stage,

Who with fear is put beside his part,”

Shakespeare Sonnet 23

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Maya Angelou on home, belonging, and (not) growing up – a beautiful read.

To grow up you have to let go and then you find that God was always holding you in the palm of his hand.

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look after your shadow (said mary poppins)

"The fact is that if one tries beyond one’s capacity to be perfect, the shadow descends to hell and becomes the devil. For it is just as sinful from the point of view of nature and truth to be above oneself as below oneself."

Carl Jung via Haruki Murakami (1Q84)


Mr McCormack, one of the many English teachers that passed through our school was wont to pass on pearls of wisdom to the motley crew of 11 year old schoolboys that made up his class. One of them was “The two most important words in the English language are ‘Subjective’ and ‘Objective’”. His other significant act in shaping the consciousness of the class was to give them George Orwell’s “1984” as their first class text. Our English teachers generally lasted only one term so in no time he was gone. I had no real idea what he was getting at but I did know somehow that what he was saying was true. Our English teachers always spoke the truth which is perhaps why they only ever lasted a single term. Total commitment to truth is not a good career move in most educational establishments, then or now.

The “wanting of things” has its root in the sense of existence. I exist therefore I want. In fact if we can go back to the seat of our existence we can radically change our “wants” and therefore the sort of society we live in.

In the cosmological sense there is no external world as such that we refer to as the objective world; only the objects that manifest in the relative world that we inhabit through the experience of individuality. It is for instance a complete fiction to attempt to establish the “facts of the case”, taking facts as elements of the objective world which have their own independent bounded existence that can be tabulated and proven scientifically.

When we see something and “want” it then we desire that it become “mine” by which we really mean it becomes “me”. This is what we use to demonstrate to ourselves that we really do exist. To “want” something is to will it into existence by investing it with consciousness. The degree to which it achieves existence is merely a measure of the force of that will. In the Human Comedy this is how we enjoy ourselves; we create objects that we may enjoy them.


The other day a mountainous piece of cake was presented to me which just about took my breath away. Two conflicting thoughts whirled around each other in my mind; “I love cake and there is so much of it, yummy” and “there is so much of it, nobody could possible eat all that”.  I considered it for a while from every angle as if it were a medieval fortress to be stormed and decided that maybe i could conquer it by undermining its foundations and subdue it that way. After a while I concluded it was just too big and a fellow cafe customer gleefully confirmed as he was leaving that, yes, it was just too big. And so I ate it. Just about every crumb, just some very rich chocolate icing was left.

I felt somewhat queasy for about 2 days and yet the person who contemplated the cake was not the person who looked at the empty plate afterwards. A leap into the unknown is transformative. In many senses the cake has become you and it does show that the adage “You can’t have your cake and eat it too” is like most sayings, neither true nor false.

The cake was not too big after all, it was just the right size, as Mozart says in Amadeus “there are just the right number of notes”. We try to be measured and frugal and exact but it is from excess that we learn. Mozart puts in the perfect number of notes but he puts in an excess of beauty to overwhelm our senses. The cake was big but the generosity that went into it was just right.


Emma Watson - Photographed by Norman Jean Roy

Photographic Collection 13 […more Images]

Wow! Love that car!!

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